Narrative Elements Come to Life!

While learning about narrative elements (Characters, Setting, Plot, Theme, Moral, etc), the students completed an arts integration lesson involving the techniques of famous artist, Henri Rousseau. Rousseau painted scenes that clearly show the use of background, middleground, and foreground. The students learned how the artist would have to complete the background first, the middleground second, and the foreground would be the final step in the creative process. Students applied this concept to narrative elements. First you must know the characters and setting when reading the story. They are the background. Next, you learn the plot, the conflict, and resolution. This is the middleground of the story. Finally, once you have read the entire story, you can determine the theme and moral. This is like the foreground of the story. These elements only come to light in the final stages.

So the students read a fable in a group, completedĀ a chart stating the narrative elements from the fable, and then used a variety of art materials including watercolor and construction paperĀ to creatively show the narrative elements in the background, middleground, and foreground of their artwork.


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