Exploring Emotions!

This week, students have been learning about combining nouns in order to make compound subjects.  In order to increase student understanding, we prepared an Arts Integration lesson involving the showing of emotions.  Students were told that the way a character shows emotion lets the audience know what that character is thinking.  To begin this lesson, we read The Way I Feel by Janan Cain.  Throughout the book, the main character is experiencing almost every kind of emotion (happy, sad, angry, frustrated, proud, thankful, etc.), but later tells readers that his emotions are what makes him unique.  After reading the book, students were paired up and given an emotion card.  With the emotion card, they also received a predicate of a sentence to practice reading using that emotion.  Students then filled in their names as the subjects to make two simple sentences.  Once they read their name and the predicate using their assigned emotion, they were to combine both subjects and the predicate to create a compound sentence.  This lesson also taught students the roles of performers and audiences.  After students were finished performing, the audience had to guess which emotion they were portraying.

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