Welcome to “Fourth Grade Fun.” This website is for the fourth graders at Nora Davis Magnet School in Laurel, MS. We use this site for all kinds of fun in the classroom as well as a place for parents to see what we’ve been up to lately. Nora Davis is a part of the Whole Schools Initiative which is a program that facilitates schools that focus on teaching through the arts. We integrate the arts curriculum from dance, theater, music, and visual arts into our regular academic curriculum to create learning that is enriching, challenging, and, of course, really fun too! Nora Davis is a Model School for the Whole Schools Initiative and has been for about seventeen years.

Our fourth grade team is comprised of Andrea Schipke, Casey Watts, and M’Lee Ivy. All three of us absolutely love what we do and spend a lot of time to make sure our students have the best learning experience possible. Read below to find out a little more about each of us individually.

Ms. Ivy:  I felt called to teach during my first year of college.  While at Jones County Junior College, I was involved in the Honors College.  While in the college, we all volunteered to tutor students at local elementary schools.  As I helped students with their assignments and saw how exciting it was when the work finally “clicked” for them, I knew I wanted to help other students have those same moments.  I graduated from West Jones High School in 2012.  I received an Associates degree from Jones County Junior College (2014) and a Bachelors Degree from Mississippi State University (2016).  This will be my first year teaching, and I could not be more excited to begin my career at Nora Davis Magnet School.

Mrs. Schipke Elementary and middle school was always a struggle for me. I felt confused, bored, and lost. Every year seemed to be more difficult than the last. I realized that learning did not have to be this way so I decided to become a teacher! I graduated from Tupelo High School in 2000. I received an Associates degree from Itawamba Community College (2002), a Bachelors degree from Mississippi State University (2005), and a Masters degree from William Carey University (2009). My first teaching job was at Plantersville Middle School where I taught 5th grade. After getting married, I moved from Tupelo to Bay Springs and began teaching at Nora Davis. I taught 3rd grade for five years before moving to 4th grade.

Mrs. Watts: I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was in 3rd grade. That was the year that chalkboards were replaced with white boards. I wanted to be able to write with those fancy new markers! As I grew older that urge to be a teacher only became stronger, and I firmly believe I’m exactly where God wants me to be. I graduated high school from West Jones High School in 2001. I received an Associates degree from Jones County Junior College (2002), a Bachelors degree from the University of Southern Mississippi (2005), and a Masters degree from William Carey University (2009).  I began teaching in August 2005 here at Nora Davis Magnet School, and I have loved every minute of it.  I taught 3rd grade for six years before moving to 4th grade.