We have been doing a fairy tale unit for the past two weeks, and it was a lot of fun! The students read an original fairy tale, and then they read a fractured fairy tale of the original. Some were The Three Little Ninja Pigs, The Princess and the Pizza, The Wolf that Cried Boy, and The Penguin and the Pea. The students compared and contrasted the two tales using a Venn diagram. The students then chose one of the main characters of one of the tales. The students analyzed this character and wrote down characteristics that they noticed from the books. The students had to cite evidence for these characteristics from the text. The students then wrote a monologue in first person point of view describing the character, their feelings, and their responses to situations. The students created masks to represent these characters using a variety of art materials. The students performed their monologue for the class using their masks. It was a lot a fun!

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