Australian Cultural Arts Festival

Today we traveled to the land down under during our annual Nora Davis Cultural Arts Festival. This is a day of fun where students rotate through a variety of stations to learn about a particular culture, which this year was Australia. At the food station students got to sample Calamari, ham and pea soup, Vegemite on toast, and Tim-Tams. During the music station, the students learned about opera and The Sydney Opera House. At the drama station, students learned about Aboriginal story telling and dance. Students created Aboriginal art and told stories on boomerangs using symbols during the art station. Students learned to throw boomerangs at the game station and learned Aboriginal dances during the dance station. At the carousel station, students rotated through different areas of Australia including the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback, and Gold Coast, Australia. It was a great day of learning and fun for all students!

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