Mondrian Mixed Numbers

The students began learning about the relationship between mixed numbers and improper fractions. These numbers have the same value, look the same in a picture format, but have different purposes when using fractions in everyday life. The students made up three mixed numbers that had a denominator of four and used their math skills to change the mixed number to an improper fraction.  After looking at Piet Mondrian’s work, we created art like his by using  the three primary colors and bold lines to create our fraction art. We used a wax resist technique that caged our primary watercolors in blocks of fourths. Can you see the correlation of the mixed number and the improper fraction? We can! Look at the yellow area of the art below. Can you name the mixed number? Can you rename it as an improper fraction?

                              Mixed number: 2  1/4    and    Improper fraction: 10/4

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