Fractions are Music to our Ears!

On January 24, Nora Davis held their annual Arts, Math, and Science Night.  Parents were invited into their child’s classroom to participate in an arts integrated lesson previously taught to students.

We have been learning about multiplying fractions by whole numbers, so students were taught an arts integrated lesson with music.  Student were taught the names and counts of different notes.  They were taught based on a 4/4 time measure.  This means that the quarter note would represent 1/4, a half note would represent 2/4, and a whole note would represent 4/4.

Students and parents were then put into groups. They were assigned a note, and multiplied this note by the number of people in their group.  Then, they created a visual representation of the notes, as if composing their own song!  After practicing their songs, students and parents chose and instrument and performed for all!

Thanks to all the parents for coming and enjoying this special night with us!

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