Equivalent Fraction Robots!

We have been studying equivalent fractions for the past few days. We wanted to  challenged the students to make something artistic while using fractions. We learned about different ways that you could use trash and make it into art. We looked at works of art from real artist from all over the world, and we found it very interesting. So we complied a load of trash and wrote fractions on them. We had boxes, plastic bottles, and other goodies. Then the students were given a sheet where they had to find equivalent fractions by multiplying or dividing. Their answers to the problems were specific body parts they needed in order to make their robot. If they couldn’t find the equivalent fraction, then they wouldn’t be able to find their trash part that had their fraction written on it. As they did their math, they found their parts, and we glued them together. We chose to spray paint the final pieces so they looked a little more uniformed and not so much like trash.

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