Ordering Adjectives: Do You Know How?

Ordering Adjectives: Do You Know How? It’s not always easy, but our fourth graders have learned how this week. The students learned that if you have more than one adjective describing a noun, the adjectives have to go in a particular order. The students learned a song to the tune of Frosty the Snowman to help them remember this order.

Adjectives describe nouns

And they have an order too,

So that our sentences

Make sense to all of you.

Number, opinion,

Size, age, and shape

Color, proper, material

And purpose – makes order great!

On Friday, the students related the ordering of the colors spectrum from art to the ordering of adjectives. The students painted a background to show the color spectrum and that it always is found in that particular order. The students then ordered a variety of adjectives that described a particular noun in order using their ordering adjectives song. The students glued the words in order on top of each color.

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