Living Wax Museum

art museum Click here for a performance by Van Gogh

Here’s what the students have done over the past few weeks:

  • Researched the artist using the internet, encyclopedias, and various informational texts.
  • Wrote a biography and a critique about the author and his/her work.
  • Created a timeline illustrating important events in the authors life.
  • Created a partial list of the artist’s work.
  • Written a first person point of view script based on important events and the significance of the artist.
  • Created a visual background to host the above materials.
  • Recreated one of the artist’s pieces of work individually.
  • Recreated one of the artist’s pieces of work as a group where all opinions were considered.

We hope everyone that attended was truly blessed at how amazing the children are at our school.  They worked really hard and did an awesome job!


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