Choctaw Days Field Trip

Every year fourth grade students all over the pine belt region are invited to attend the annual Choctaw Days at Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in Laurel. The students learn all about the Choctaw culture through a variety of stations put on by volunteers at the museum as well as Native Choctaws from a local reservation.

This is a list of stations the students attended to learn about the Choctaw culture:

  • Dance – The students viewed the Native Choctaws in traditional clothing performing traditional Choctaw dances.
  • Food – The students ate Fry bread, a traditional bread eaten by the Choctaws.
  • Baskets – The students viewed a demonstration of basket weaving as well as toured the extensive Native American basket collection located at the museum.
  • Bead Necklaces – The students created a beaded necklace to simulate the traditional necklaces worn by the Choctaw.
  • Language – The students learned some common words and phrases in the Choctaw language.
  • Basket Drawing – The students viewed a variety of baskets made by Native Americans up close and learned how artists use different techniques to draw still life pictures of the baskets.
  • Basket Weaving – The students used paper strips to weave in and out to simulate basket weaving.


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