Chihuly Sculptures

Last week, the students learned about famous artist Dale Chihuly and his blown glass sculptures that are famous the world over. The students studied Chihuly’s style and technique and then used this knowledge to recreate some sculptures of their own. Of course the students couldn’t use real blown glass so we used plastic! The students also practiced their math and converted customary capacities based on the type of plastic bottle used in their sculpture. One group had gallons, one had quarts, one pints, and one cups. After converting all of their measurements, the students set out to recreate one of Chihuly’s famous sculptures. This took a lot of creativity and ingenuity. We think the students did a fantastic job! You can see the final results in the pictures below or come by the school and check them out for yourself. You can’t miss them if you take a stroll up the sidewalk. 

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