And the Winner Is……

For the past three weeks, we have been reading President of the Whole Fifth Grade by Sherri Winston.  We have also been studying the election process.  To further our understanding of an election, we held our own class election.  First, students were nominated by their classmates.  Each class then held a primary and elected two students to serve in the fourth grade class president election.  In the final election, students had to prepare and give a speech to their classmates.

Pictured below are the six students selected to run in the presidential election.

From left to right:

Kimora Garner, Sydney Ridgeway, Tommaj Harris, Ira Hamilton, Aja Stephens, and Zykeria Evans




Pictured below is Zykeria giving her speech.

Choctaw Days

Yesterday, we took our annual fourth grade field trip to Choctaw Days at Lauren Rogers Museum of Art.

Students participated in a variety of stations to learn about traditions of the Choctaw Indians in our area.  We tried frybread, a traditional Indian food.  Students used paper strips to stimulate basket weaving after viewing the basket gallery.  We also experienced and participated in Choctaw dances and created beaded necklaces to simulate ones that Choctaw Indians would wear.  A great time was had by everyone!

Sugar Skull Skeletons!

The students learned all about the holiday Day of the Dead that is celebrated throughout Mexico and other South American and Central American countries to remember the loved ones they have lost. Students learned that Calaca is the Spanish word for Skeleton. The students also learned about sugar skulls and how during the Day of the Dead celebrations these sweet treats are decorated using symmetry, pattern, color, and repetition. The students took this knowledge and created a Calaca of their own using the artistic techniques learned from the sugar skulls and their knowledge of the different bones of the skeletal system.  Come see our beautiful Sugar Skull Skeletons hanging in the foyer!


Dolly or Whitney? MJ or Alien Ant Farm?

Comparing and Contrasting. Venn Diagrams and paragraphs.  It’ s a normal thing to do with literature! But why not with music; when you have two different versions of the same song? Students compared and contrasted the original and remakes of “I Will Always Love You” and “Smooth Criminal.”  They used principles and elements of music to listen for timber, tempo, voices, and more!

Calling All Muppets!

This week, we finished up a unit on Jim Henson.  Students learned that he was born right here in MISSISSIPPI!  We then learned that Henson was the creator of one of our favorite muppets, Kermit!  After talking about how Henson created the children’s show Sesame Street to make learning fun, we wrote our own scripts and created our own children’s show skit.  For the skits, students paired up had to teach their audience how to perform a simple procedure, such as making a sandwich or brushing their teeth.  Once the students created their skits, they each worked to create their own muppet and performed their show for their class!  They did an AWESOME job on these!!

Kandinsky’s Place Value

We are off to a great start this year in 4th grade!  One of our first arts integration lessons included students looking at the works of Wassily Kandinsky.  Students noticed that he planned out his works so that he could communicate through the colors.

Student have been studying place value.  They were given a four digit number and wrote the number in standard, word, expanded, and short form.  After showing that they could show the number in different ways, they replicated Kandinsky’s work.

The students then watercolor to crate a background similar to Kandinsky’s paintings.  They then created shapes from construction paper to represent the number that they were given.  They used 3D shapes for numbers in the thousands place and 2D shapes for the hundreds, tens, and ones.  Examples of students’ work can be seen below.

Rocks, Rocks, Rocks!

This week, students were introduced to the three types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.  We then held a discussion about what makes each rock different.  We learned that the sedimentary rocks are formed by layers.  The igneous rocks are formed when magma cools, and the metamorphic rocks form when layers are pressed with heat and pressure.  Students then created a visual representation of each type of rock.

Multiplication Bee!

Today, 4th grade participated in the school wide multiplication bee.  The top five students were selected and will represent Nora Davis at the district multiplication bee after Spring Break.  The top 5 fourth graders were: Trinity Jones, Shamara Baker, Calvin McDonald (4th grade winner), Ashaunte Hughes, and Ariel Cox.

Color Block with Angles

This week, students were introduced to measuring angles.  They learned that angles can be acute, obtuse, right, and straight.  After learning how to name them, students were taught how to use a protractor to measure angles.

In centers, students created a color block painting using angles.  They used washi tape to create angles across the paper.  Then, they named the angles and measured them.  Once the angles were named and measured they painted their shapes.  Once it dried, they removed the washi tape to create the color block.

Fractions are Music to our Ears!

On January 24, Nora Davis held their annual Arts, Math, and Science Night.  Parents were invited into their child’s classroom to participate in an arts integrated lesson previously taught to students.

We have been learning about multiplying fractions by whole numbers, so students were taught an arts integrated lesson with music.  Student were taught the names and counts of different notes.  They were taught based on a 4/4 time measure.  This means that the quarter note would represent 1/4, a half note would represent 2/4, and a whole note would represent 4/4.

Students and parents were then put into groups. They were assigned a note, and multiplied this note by the number of people in their group.  Then, they created a visual representation of the notes, as if composing their own song!  After practicing their songs, students and parents chose and instrument and performed for all!

Thanks to all the parents for coming and enjoying this special night with us!